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Comfort Cases Donation Drive 11/14/19 - 12/11/19

On Nov. 12, 2019 our 2nd – 5th grade students heard speaker Rob Scheer and learned about an organization he founded called Comfort Cases.  Thousands of youth enter the foster system with only the clothes on their backs.  Those who are fortunate enough to possess a few personal belongings are given trash bags to carry these items as they go from home to home.  As a former foster child himself, Mr. Scheer knows all too well what it felt like to carry in a trash bag what little treasure he had left as he moved from one home to the next. 

Springwoods ES is partnering with Mr. Scheer’s organization, Comfort Cases, to provide foster kids proper bags that are filled with comfort essentials while on their journey to find their forever home.  We are asking our Springwoods families to join us in collecting items to be delivered to foster youth, ages newborn to 21 years old.  Specific items are listed below.  The Comfort Cases Donation Drive will run from Thursday, 11/14 until Wednesday, 12/11 and will be collected in the Counselors’ offices.  Please contact the School Counselors for questions. Visit www.comfortcases.org for more information about the organization.

 Small Duffel Bags or Backpacks
 Large Duffel Bags (to 36”)
 Pajamas (Newborn to Adult XXL)
 Blankets (Baby up to 50”x60”)
 Toothbrushes (Infant to Adult)
 Toothpaste*
 Shampoo* (Infant to Adult)
 Conditioner*
 Lotion* (Infant to Adult)
 Soap/Body Wash* (Infant to Adult)
 Deodorant*
 Diaper Wipes
 Diaper Cream
 Baby Washcloths
 Baby Bibs
 Stuffed Animals
 Coloring Books
 Journals
 Pens and Pencils
 Crayons
 Books (can be gently used)

*= All Toiletry Needs to be Unopened Travel-Sized Items

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